Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Full List

Clown Around was a line of PVC figurines created by Mego in 1981.

"Collect the Fantasy World of Clown Around"


C1 Chauncey the Unicorn
C2 Hugo the Unicorn
C11 Victoria Clown
C13 Smokey Clown
C14A Rhonda the Roller Disco Princess Clown
C16 Hank Clown
C17 Pete the Clown
C19 Pugsey the Crook Clown
C23 H.O. Clown
C25 Clown Around Cop #2
C26 Police Chief Clown
C27 Tuba Clown
C28 Horn Clown
C29 Glockenspiel Clown
C30 Cecil B. DeClown
C31 “Lens” Clown
C32 Reggie the Roller Disco King Clown
C33 Lance Clown
C35 Butcher Clown
C36 Baker Clown
C39 Miner Clown #1
C45 Bad Bad Leroy Clown
C46 Earl D. Clown
C47 Cool Charles the Clown
C48 Al CaClown
C49 “Bugsey” Clown
C50 “Machine Gun” Clown
C51 “Slim” Clown
C52 “Bo” Clown
C53 “Spurs” Clown
C54 Sheik the Clown
C55 Bowser the Clown
C56 W.C. Clown
C57 Attila the Clown
C58 Exclownabur
C59 Richard M. Clown
C60 Mahummad Clownie
C61 Cheerleader Clown
C62 Santa Clown
C63 Elton Clown
C64 Long Clown Silver
C65 Napoleon Clownapart


"These unique and and exciting playsets and vehicles are available only from Mego. Collect them all and create your own Clown Around fantasy."

Clown Hall with Mayor Ed Clown

Clown House with Ma and Pa Clown

Clown Paddy Wagon with Clown Around Cop #1 and Pugsey the Crook Clown

Clown School with Our Miss Clown and Hookie Clown

Calliope Cab with Chauncey the Unicorn and Cabbie Clown the Calliope Cab Driver


Hard Hat Clowns: Hank Clown, Lance Clown, Macho Clown

The Working Clowns: Butcher Clown, Baker Clown, Candlestick Maker Clown

The Clown Mine Co.: Miner Clown #1, Miner Clown #2, The Clown Mine Co. Wagon

Clown Around Police Dept.: Clown Around Cop #1, Police Chief Clown, Clown Around Cop #2

The Clowns in the Band: Tuba Clown, Horn Clown, Glockenspiel Clown

Uptown Clowns: Bad Boy Leroy Clown, Earl D. Clown, Cool Charles the Clown

Western Clownboys: "Slim" Clown, "Bo" Clown, "Spurs" Clown

The Family Clowns: Pete the Clown, Ma Clown, Pa Clown

The Funky Clowns: Reggie the Roller Disco King Clown, Ronnie the Roller Disco Queen Clown, Rhonda the Roller Disco Princess Clown

Monster Clowns: Clownenstein, Clownula, Clownman

Clown-A-Mount Studios: Cecil B. Clown, "Lens" Clown, Divine Miss Clown

The Clownfathers: Al CaClown, Bugsey Clown, Machine Gun Clown


Clown Around figures were released internationally. I don't know much about these other than a few items I've seen on eBay. I will post additional information when I find out more about them.

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